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I blame Anthony Kiedis.

Remember the video the Red Hot Chill Peppers shot for “Under the Bridge”? There’s this second toward the end of the video where the frame is filled with the image of Anthony Kiedis’ beautiful back tattoo, that tribal / totem image that spans his whole upper back. I remember myself glued to MTV, back when it played more music than reality shows, waiting just to see that video again for that moment when that image filled my screen.

If I had to pinpoint when my attraction to tattoos began I think this is it. But my real addiction (cause lets face it, there is no other way to describe it) started may years after then.

The first time I really thought of going for it was when I went with a friend so she could have her nose pierced. While she was getting it done I started leafing through the picture books and that curiosity about tattoos started up again. Someone stopped me from getting one done then and there, “go home, think about it, and then come back.” So I went home. I thought about it. And two weeks later my romance with the needle started.

And that love, in spite of the needle, is not because of the physical pain it causes, but for the art it leaves on my body.

Not every tattoo I have (and I’m into double digits by now) has a story behind it or a reason. Some I got just because I liked the design the tattoo artist suggested for the stars that I wanted to have drawn on my foot, or something that game me the idea that these butterflies will look good on my side, or a design that started with one small piece and received additions until it morphed into a completely different picture.

But there’s also the one that symbolises a period in my life, a time when I used to live on the other side of the world from where I am now and when I worked hard chasing a dream. Something that reminds me that even though I am not there anymore and I didn’t go as far as I’d hoped, I still managed to make my mark and come back with no regrets. And the one that reminds me to stop every once in a while and pay attention to what goes on around me, and the places and opportunities my job allows me to reach. And the one that actually shows the places I was fortunate enough to visit and love because of my career. And also those that their meaning is simply a childhood movie I liked that takes me back to a simpler time, or that cinematic series that has been a part of my life for the past decade and reminds me that there are heroes in the world, even if they are only on my screen every once in a while.

With or without meaning, my tattoos are not just art on my body, they are above all the smile they bring me every time I look at them.

Tattoo artists to follow:

Dr. Woo - Single needle work that manages to show lots of detail in very small tattoos.

Ahmet Cambaz - Small colourful cartoon style tattoos.

Where to get tattooed:

Valley Tattoos - Based in Tel Aviv, host a variety of good artists and believe that good tattoos don't have to cost a fortune.

East Side Ink - Based in NYC and headed by Josh Lord, with a few very talented artists that cater to anyone from a neighbouring New Yorker, visiting tourist and quite a few Hollywood celebs.

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