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I found myself sitting in a hotel room that has seen much better days (and not recently), with too loud air-conditioning and 35 degrees centigrade outside, still wearing my uniform almost 30 hours after first putting it on for my flight, with a migraine that wouldn’t go for about half the time I was in that uniform and without my luggage that had almost everything that could have made me feel a little more human at that moment. I sat on the bed holding my head in my hands, and I felt so miserable that I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, and all I could think was “I can’t cry, it’ll only make my headache worse..”

Every once in a while I stop for a second and realise how available the world is to me now. A morning Starbucks in NYC is routine, massages in Bangkok, Primark in Boston, the beach in Miami. Five star restaurants in London, the Sistine Chapel in Rome and a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower are a bit more rare, but not completely out of the question. But what breaks my routine is getting off one plane, step onto another as a regular passenger and go even further than where my job got me.

One of the best things in my job is not only the fact that it can take me places I’ve never been to with the destinations my airline flies to, but also the option to use any long layover to find new places to visit and go there. To use my work flights as a stepping stone for new adventures. The opportunity to celebrate my birthday with a jazz soundtrack and the vibe of New Orleans, religious holidays on a beach in Thailand or Hawaii or even just an odd weekend in Montreal. And this flight was definitely an adventure.

This weekend in Montreal reminded me that every coin has two sides. That for every moment of peace and “I can’t believe I’m here” because the view is so breathtakingly beautiful, there’s also the “I can’t believe I’m here” moment when I feel so alone on the other side of the world from everything and everyone I know because nothing works right for me. But then that moment passes, and you wake up the next moment like a new person, and you head out to discover a new city with a history and food and people you can’t find where you’re originally from.

And then I say thank you again for another adventure, for better or worse.

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